PT Jaring Aruna Dagang Indonesia

Aruna is an integrated fisheries commerce and supply chain aggregator in Indonesia that revolutionizes the Indonesian fisheries supply chain, as well as connecting small-scale fishers to wider markets through technology. It also contributes to the encouragement of...

PT Karunia Bintang Samudra

PT Karunia Bintang Samudra is a Trading company with products ranging from Frozen whole round, Skipjack, Yellow Fin, Big Eye, Albacore, Tonggol.

PT. Laut Biru Seafood

PT Laut Biru Seafood (LBS), is a newly established tuna processing company, supported by Meloy Fund. We process our product from a dedicated manufacturing plant in Bitung North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Products are high quality yellowfin tuna loins, saku blocks, steaks,...

PT. Abadi Makmur Ocean

PT. Abadi Makmur Ocean is a company engaged in the fisheries industry, especially pelagic fish. The company was established on February 27, 2002 and started operating / running on February 28, 2003.