Did you know that Indonesia is a global leader of one-by-one caught tuna? The long standing tradition of pole and line caught skipjack and handline caught yellowfin tuna, brings superb quality in a responsible way. Discover more about your premium source of sustainably caught tuna.

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a global leader of one-by-one caught tuna

Indonesia’s tuna catch is the largest in the world at about one million tons per year or 16 percent of the world’s total tuna supply. A large part of that volume is caught by traditional pole and line or handline fishing. Together with Japan, Indonesia leads in one-by-one tuna fishing. A hidden secret that few people know.  It makes Indonesia’s tuna fishing sustainable by tradition. To demonstrate conformity with international standards, the tuna fishing industry is actively engaged in a Fishery Improvement Plan and preparing for MSC certification.

why buy INDONESIAN P&L and handline tuna?

Indonesia is a global leader in sustainable one-by-one tuna fishery

The short supply chains, on-board standard operating procedures and fast handling, ensure a premium quality of tuna

Being part of the coral triangle, the world’s largest tuna habitat, guarantee a consistent supply of  skipjack and yellowfin tuna

The fishery improvement project and the industry’s code of conduct drive environmentally sustainable and socially responsible practices

The industry complies with traceability requirements and is certified against the major international food safety standards


POLE & LINE FISHING with captain benny

This video from Pret a Manger takes you onboard the vessel of captain Benny near Manado. Watch the flying tuna and the happy fishermen. A sustainable practice passed from generation to generation. 

catch YELLOWFIN by just a HANDLINE

One boat, one man, one line… that’s all it takes to catch fine yellowfin tuna in the Moluccan waters. Harta Samudra is one of the Indonesian tuna companies that applies this responsible method. 

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On board cooking by bart van olphen – fish tales

Watch this! Bart van Olphen in the middle of the ocean, 300 kilometers off coast from North Sulawesi, Indonesia fishing on skipjack tuna with pole & line. While fresh tuna is flying around, Bart is all set to prepare the freshest tuna ceviche ever!



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