AP2HI Supports SDG 14 Conference

September 27, 2021

Jakarta (21/9) Accordance with the mandate of Presidential Decree No. 59/2017 on the Implementation of the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Goal 14. Ocean Ecosystems (Goal 14. Life Below Water) is one of the Goals in SDG that has a goal to preserve and sustainably utilize marine and ocean resources for sustainable development.

In a meeting held by BAPPENAS, AP2HI represented by Mrs. Janti said that in addition to improving the main program we should also be able to see gender and the workers on board.

“Gender should not be seen as an addition in family income. One of the AP2HI programs is to develop the potential of fisherwomen and workers on board. Therefore we must collaborate between several sectors to be easier and more targeted. And through BAPPENAS, I hope to combine some of these factors so that we can focus on the goal so as to improve the welfare of fishermen” she explained.

Furthermore, BAPPENAS suggested that every program in the stakeholders could be included in order to succeed the SDG 14 conference which is planned to start in early October 2021.