AP2HI Launches One-by-one Indonesian Fishing Vessel Online Database

December 11, 2020

Jakarta, (22/6). AP2HI launched Indonesia’s One-by-one Fishing Vessel Online Database. Janti Djuari as the Chairperson of AP2HI said, after the event session at the Training Portal, that the purpose of launching the One-by-one Indonesia Fishing Vessel Online Database was to facilitate data collection and information gathering regarding the status of vessel certification as a verification material for various parties (members, foreign and domestic buyers, and other interested stakeholders).

This is also to consider that AP2HI’s members include the entire tuna processing chain, starting from fishermen to fishing companies and processing industries. So, to support sustainable fisheries efforts, AP2HI continues to innovate by building an online-based traceability system for member fisheries in order to meet market demands and regulations e.g. global product traceability and the accompanying claims (MSC, FIP and others)

Janti also stated the establishment of the Vessel Portal (portal.ap2hi.org) as one of the concrete forms that AP2HI has done in collecting data and information on the status of vessel certification as a verification material for various parties, which cannot be separated from the support of its members.

This vessel portal also includes pole and line and handline vessels in the supply chain of AP2HI members throughout Indonesia. AP2HI welcomes the determination, willingness, and activeness of its members in inputting data on the Portal from July 2020 to the present in order to actively participate in providing more accurate, transparent, and up-to-date information to interested parties.

AP2HI Fishing Vessel Online Database