Indonesian Canned Tuna Companies Score High in Greenpeace Report

February 18, 2019

Three Indonesian Canned Tuna Companies Gained Top Score from Greenpeace on Sustainability

Based on the latest Greenpeace canned tuna ranking report, canned tuna companies in Indonesia received significantly improved scores compared to the past years and are now among the top ranked companies when it comes to sustainability. Those companies are PT. International Alliance Foods Indonesia, PT. Samudra Mandiri Sentosa and PT. Sinar Pure Foods International. Proudly, they are member of AP2HI and the Indonesian one-by-one tuna branding initiative.

Seven Criteria

Greenpeace proved this credit based on seven criteria (traceability, sustainability of current sourcing, legality, equity/social responsibility, sourcing policy, transparency and customer information as well as driving change). There are four types of color to determine the score. Firstly, green is the highest score and it ranges between 70 and 100 points. Yellow means fair evaluation and it ranges between 40 and 69. Red means poor evaluation and it ranges between 0-39. Lastly, Purple means did not participate. Furthermore, the report highlighted several important improvements our members implemented.

Sustainable One-by-One Caught

Three members gained the green score in sustainability of current sourcing and sourcing policy, while one member was scored with the yellow color. The organization underlined that our members utilize our standard tuna catch method that is one by one caught with pole & line and handline. This method avoids any overfishing or catching other marine life such as dolphin. Also, our members successfully demonstrated implementing strict policy of traceability and sustainability. Those efforts resulted in increasing the procurement of sustainability caught tuna. Besides sustainability, one of our members also achieved the green score in the category “driving change”. This is the result of a commitment and demonstration of investing in the development of more sustainable fishing. In the category “legality”, four members received a green score, which means that sincere efforts are made to address IUU fishing.

Important Achievement

As a global leader of one by one caught tuna, we are proud of the recognition of the efforts made by our members. We can convince our markets that we produce our product in sustainable and responsible way. Our members also improved the product labeling in order to  provide the information of Indonesian tuna sources and improve transparency. It makes it easier for the consumer to identify where and how Indonesian tuna was caught and processed. As a result, the consumer will purchase our product without any doubts.


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