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Success to BSI is:

  • Connecting local fishing communities from the Lesser Sunda Region to value added Western markets
  • Establishing a best-practice model of responsibly harvested and fully traceable seafood products for export
  • Improving supply and cold chains to maximize value generation and improve economics for all stakeholders
  • Demonstrating our commitment to improving the local communities we work in through employment, education, conservation and improving fishing rights enforcement


BSI will fundamentally change the way small-boat fishers connect to developed markets by creating community based fisheries management organizations, protecting and preserving fish stocks and providing sustainable fish to consumers. We lead global change, protecting the perpetual viability of wild-caught fisheries.

Value Proposition:

  • Quality is our highest priority – without quality we don’t deserve to supply the world’s most conscious retailers
  • Supply Chain Efficiency – by streamlining the supply chain we can both offer competitive prices to our customers and seed and reinvest proceeds in our fisher communities to support sustainability efforts
  • Social Impact – few other companies in the world spend as much time thinking about suppliers (our fisher communities) and employees (worker welfare). We must deliver improved social and economic outcomes to our communities in order to have the credibility to change behavior, build better fisheries management and maintain sustainability
  • Nexus building – no other fisheries management initiative is localized (by necessity in the developing context) around market access. Without markets to move high value sustainable fish in and the signaling, communication and tailoring those markets provide, other fisheries programs become poorly aligned to consumer preferences. Ours locates the decision making on-the-ground at the supply source while digesting direct market information to iterate and refine continuously.
  • Ecological Preservation – over the long term, for our distributed processing model to work, we need to protect the health of fisheries. Our very DNA promotes the concept of fish today, fish tomorrow, fish ten years from now.


  • BRC
  • SKP

Product range

  • Loin/steak/saku
  • Yellowfin Tuna

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Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai No. 88, Denpasar Selatan, Bali, Indonesia

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